Yamuna – is it really an alternative to botox?

I have botox a couple of times a year.

It has worked well on one stubborn line on my brow that was really ageing.  Now my brow is so much better.  I only started in my mid 40’s and I feel that was the right time for me.

I don’t want to start injecting all over my face to help with the slacking of the jaw, the hooding around your eyes or the muzzle!  I see too many identikit faces and it is not something I want to emulate.

My pet hate is the muzzle which is when your cheeks start to fall down and create a fold around your mouth.  It is caused by loss of bone as we age..

Ageing is fine but I don’t want to be happy and look angry!


There are so many treatments we can do but many are so expensive and just not realistic for most of us.  I want something that I can practice myself.  I love how yoga and pilates have helped my body to strengthen from within and I want the same for my face.

My lovely Pilates teacher recommend I go and see Lynne Gentle.  I was sceptical but one look at Lynne and I knew I needed to be doing whatever she was!  Her face is firm, soft and she is sexy (no botox and no fillers!).  I am afraid too much chemical tampering with a face may work in your 30’s, even in your 40’s, but get into your 50’s, you may be line free but the look is often harsh and waxen.

Lynne Gentle

Lynne Gentle the best jaw line 

Lynne Gentle

Lynne Gentle

The treatment is strange and I was thinking this is never going to work but she released so much tension that I was holding in my face and around my jaw that I could see an instant lifting and softening.  Lots of people asked me if I had fillers as my lips in particular looked much plumper, the area around my mouth softened and it helped with tension caused by my clenching.




I am fully behind Lynne’s view that we ‘get lost in our flaws’ instead of focusing on what is beautiful in ourselves.

Be realistic when looking at Instagram!  I know, I look at all these bloggers but I have to keep thinking they are in their 20’s and 30’s, decades younger than me.  My fixation with the Housewives of Orange County or Beverly Hills is also unrealistic as some of those ladies have had multiple face lifts!

It is time to step back, take stock and work with what we have.  We all know that the quick fixes don’t work in the long term.  It’s better to work with your own face and support it from the inside out and having realistic goals.


You have to work for the long term improvement so I ordered the Yamuna balls from Lynne and I am following the simple technique at home.  There are so many videos on YouTube and Lynne is so lovely so just email her and she will advise you.  Lynne sells the balls, you can find them on Amazon but the key is in the technique.  I did my treatment 3 months ago and have used them most evenings and I will be heading back to have a refresher session with Lynne in the next few weeks.

Her facials are affordable – just email to arrange hello@gentlebody.co.uk

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Anne Marie


  1. Oooh now this very interesting. I’m 44 and also want to avoid the ‘feeling happy but looking angry’ look. Thank you for sharing

    • Got to keep at it I am only learning but i know botox is not the answer in the long term

  2. Hi Anne Marie! Thank you for spreading the word about these natural interventions – it really does work and there’s more to an ageing face than wrinkles and sag. Tension in the face is a very real enemy of an open, youthful appearance. Keep up the good work – you look fabulous!! Thanks again for sharing! x

    • Hi Lynn,
      cannot wait to see you when back, I need more practice such a truly special lady

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