How I weaned myself off my ‘high street’ habit

It didn’t happen overnight but I can now hand on heart say that I have not bought anything from the high street in months.

My wardrobe is better for it and I am not spending any more money than I did before.  I have also learned to buy my investment pieces first; take these slides, I have worn them nearly every day since I bought them from Weekend Max Mara, they are not for everyone but they work for me and my lifestyle. ( they are massively discounted in store)

CWSG LowResJpegs-0014

It is 100% an age thing and at 48 it is probably about time.  I have also saved so much time, no longer wandering around trying to find that one fabulous piece in a sea of viscose.  I have learnt that every blogger in town will share anything half decent and if it sells out I can always find it on Ebay.

The suit below was a Charity Shop find and it was brand new from J Crew.  It cost me a fraction of a Zara suit and is 100% wool, the old me would have bought the H&M or Cos version but they would not have been a patch on the J Crew one.

CWSG LowResJpegs-0042

There are some great pieces in store, particularity in H&M but I just don’t need them.

I will pick up a few pieces in the sales but I don’t want to waste £35 when it may reduce to £10 in a few weeks time.

It is about fabrics for me; whilst the high street can make some amazing shapes, the nature of the prices is that the fabrics are, in the main, second rate.

The other factor is that I don’t value or treasure the pieces in the same way as I do a designer piece I have tracked down.


I include lots of mid-level brands in this, such as Whistles, Sandro, Cos and Other Stories.  Yes, the quality is better, but I know in my heart that I can find a better brand for less if I buy from preloved stores and Charity Shops.

My wardrobe is far superior than it has ever been and I am not wasting money or time wandering around town buying random stuff, I don’t need.

Saving my money for the sales and investing in a couple of investment pieces means that my wardrobe has much more substance and then I top up from charity shops, vintage fairs, sample sales or preloved shops.

There is also the feeling that I am not adding to the land fill by re-using what is already there.

If I fancy something new I would rather buy a hat, like the one below, (another charity shop find – £10 & 100% wool).

CWSG LowResJpegs-0132

I still love Instagram (not as much as before) but I don’t get sucked into the madness.  I know, as an insider, that most of the items we see are gifted, ads or jumping on the bandwagon.  I can admire the photo but I don’t let it influence my shopping.

The outfit below encapsulates how my style has evolved.  The sweater is Givenchy from the The Real Real (same price as a Sandro jumper).  The joggers were my 2017 investment piece from Raey and the shoes are also Givenchy, from my own store and the clutch is a Charity Shop find.

CWSG LowResJpegs-0152

Always comes back to:

  • looking at your wardrobe, clearing what you don’t wear (sell or give to charity)
  • repairing or altering clothes that you already have ( use the Clothes Doctor)
  • upgrading the items you wear non stop (for me I am unashamed, it is joggers, leggings and flats)
  • filling the gaps to finish outfits you already have
  • investing in a coat, bag, a pair of shoes or jewellery that will elevate your wardrobe

I could shop all day, everyday, always could, but now I know that maintenance of my hair or skin is going to make more of a difference.

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Check out my edit below of some of my favourite preloved finds! Even spotted the Givenchy sweater featured above ..

Thank you all so much for your continued support and do email me if you ever need any tips




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