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My name is Anne Marie Gee  I am a former Financial Director from Dublin and have worked in Finance until my late thirties when I had my two children Archie and Luella.

Now I want to immerse myself in something I really love.

My passion for fashion means that blogs have become my daily reading material. However most of the blogs feature clothes that over 40 I just don’t want to wear anymore.  I have gorged myself on throw away fashion and I had loads of clothes yet still nothing to wear. I also am not earning what I used to so I am conscious of buying better for less.

We want more than the usual at Catwalkschoolgates and have developed the Wardrobe Triumvirate:

The keystone is to Sell Before you Buy, I never buy anything now before clearing the equivalent from my existing wardrobe.


I want to evolve my sense of style while keeping it real.  I don’t have hours on end to spend on the high street. I enjoy fashion but don’t want to spend the price of a small car on my wardrobe. Many women are in the same boat as me and that is why I decided to launch Catwalk Schoolgates.

I’ll be embarking on an exciting journey in May 2014 with some of my closest friends, where we choose investment pieces, new exciting designers,  supplemented with the odd well selected highstreet piece.

formula1I have been running my Preloved shop for nearly six years and all the items are my own or from friends and readers. This has sparked my passion for Preloved and I regularly feature lots of edits of the best places to find designer pieces on a budget. Charity Shops, Vintage Fairs and Sample Sales are where I find my best pieces and you will find all the best ones on the blog. I also share how to shop preloved which can be a mind field.  Another area covered in the blog is how to alter items in your wardrobe and resources to keep every in great condition.


hdhdhWe will be sharing our top tips from friends and family on beauty, culture, fitness, home and travel. The aim is to create a better sense of community and sharing insider tips , so feel free to share your experiences with us.

Please check our Work With Catwalkschoolgates page, where you can check out the opportunities to collaborate with us.

We have a regular readership of over 10K a month, which is fingers crossed growing rapidly on a monthly basis.

We  love hearing from my readers, so if you want to share some of your top tips or have any suggestions, email us at catwalkschoolgates@gmail.com.



Anne Marie



Looking forward to hearing from you all and we appreciate all your support so far please spread the word!