Rellik – where I found my first Chanel Jacket for the price of a Joseph Piece

Continuing with our preloved Friday , today I want to share with you one of the oldest and best Vintage Shops in the UK Rellik.

It’s name is often linked to the likes of Kate Moss and the super stylists!

For a long time, I had dismissed it as too expensive and never really bother popping in to the Golbourne Road treasure trove.

I was heading to a sample sample and with an hour to kill and will Relick on my doorstep I popped in.



The staff are so friendly and left me to it, which I love.

I found some lovely pieces. For a long time I have been searching for a Chanel jacket and there it was in the perfect beige hue, in exquisite condition and in my size!!! I could not believe my luck…

All the outfit combinations were racing through my mind and it cost the same price as a Joseph jacket!!

2015-03-10 20.38.48


2015-03-10 20.38.46


2015-03-10 20.38.08


Though I have dressed the jacket up here with trousers and a top from & Other Stories and shoes from the Cocorose , I intend to wear it in the Summer with cut of denim shorts as I love the contrast.

2015-02-26 19.03.41


2015-02-26 19.03.29



I would normally attach where you can buy a similar one but all of the preloved sites have the Chanel Jackets are such crazy prices. You are best to look in your local vintage shop and keep searching.

A white or cream blazer is a great way to embrace Spring so I have attached my top selection below !

Wishing you all a great weekend .


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Anne Marie


  1. OMG it’s absolutely gorgeous!! Looks so fab on you. I also always thought Rellik was v expensive…I often drive past so perhaps next time I’ll stop off and see if I can emulate your luck!

    • I also never bothered as thought the same but actually better priced than a lot of the preloved shops

    • Thanks for the tip will pop in as near where I go to the hairdresser.. More shopping.

  2. Haven’t been to Rellik for a long time but I found it a bit intimidating and expensive. Still the lure of vintage Chanel is too enticing! You look amazing as ever!

    • Agree that was my view but they left me at it and I think it is worth popping in from time to time !!

  3. What a fantastic find, looks absolutely stunning. I have wanted to try the market at Golbourne for ages, one more reason to go
    Laurie x

    • Yes is so worth a visit leave yourself lots of time though!!

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