Rebelle – my latest preloved obession

I always look preloved first.  It is just a habit now as I adore expensive clothes but simply don’t have the budget.  Rebelle is a German site and is a very easy site to navigate, is not so overwhelming and I just adore that you can barter with the sellers.

A navy Max Mara coat has been on my radar for months now.  I knew that the coat I wanted was over £2,000 and it has taken me 3 months to track down the version I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.  I bought the coat featured below (had the receipt and the seller paid £2,100 for it) for £450.  Still not cheap but this is a forever coat.

The kimono shape is universally flattering and easy to wear and you can fit a sweater underneath, whats more, it is comfortable to wear in the car.  I also wanted a lightweight coat which is what Max Mara do so well and that would not crease when I travel. It is all about the fabric, it is super soft and glistens .


It ticked all my boxes and Rebelle also accept returns so even if it wasn’t right I could have sent it back.  If it is from a commercial seller Rebelle will refund you otherwise, if from a private seller, they will sell it for you for zero commission.


If an item is marked ‘ready to ship’ like my coat you can usually get it in 2 to 3 days.  If it is coming from a private seller it can take up to 1-2 weeks.  I paid €15 shipping. No extra customs or taxes.


I have added a list of pieces that are on my Wish List just to give you a flavour of what you can find.  I have included some great coats, sequin party tops, dresses and bags.  There are no short cuts, you have to do the leg work, however, I promise it will be worth it.  Instead of heading to town, settle down in front of your computer and shop from the comfort of your own home!

I had an issue with the conversion rate from Euros within PayPal and the customer service team at Rebelle were phenomenal, spoke perfect English and really put themselves out to help.

This is not a sponsored post and I bought the coat full price!

Link below to shop Rebelle


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Anne Marie


  1. I, too, love Rebelle. I like it better than Vestiaire, and have had some bad experiences with Vestiaire. One has to wait a month to get one’s money back if a seller never sends the item, and when one has spent in excess of £1K on something that never arrives and ends up being cancelled, that’s a lot of money to be waiting for. The only problem with sites like Rebelle and Vestiaire is that after we come out of the EU, we will probably have duty and charges to pay, which will easily add another quarter to the price and bring it to the same level as buying from US resale concerns like Fashionphile and Malleries.

  2. I haven’t tried HEWI, but I will definitely check that out, thanks! I did try Buy My Wardrobe, but they don’t curate, or they didn’t when I used them, so you can’t be 100% sure of authenticity. I ended up getting burned on a pair of Louboutins which turned out to be Chinese copes. the beauty of re-sale sites like Rebelle and Vestiaire is that they curate, so one knows one is getting an original.

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