I seldom get to head to the actual shops as I am too busy clearing wardrobes and selling the contents, however, I do try to get out properly once a week and thanks to my ever patient friend Jo, sometimes inspiration strikes...

A 'uniform' is great,


Sample sales used to be solely for the in-crowd.

We all heard rumours of these sales but no one I knew was ever invited!  Then, the entire sector went into overdrive and it felt like you were getting an invite almost every day, and frankly, most of


I was going to write a 'Whats New for Autumn 2018' post.  However, I feel like you will all soon be inundated with similar narrative and you don't need me to kick start the race to Autumn!

I am so tired of the 'Whats Hot' / 'Autumn Must Haves' / 'Colour


The hoodie has become a classic in my books.

Living in the UK, where most of the year it can rain, it has become a life saver.  It keeps my hair frizz free when I head from the house to the car, to school or to a meeting.  I don't have any patience


I love a heel but I wont take them on holiday as I know I will never wear them.

With the kids, beach and the fact that we tend to go to more low key places, there is just no point.

At the same time, flats often don't work with shorts or certain


I love how the Australians call charity shops, opportunity shops.

For me it describes perfectly how I see them and use them.  Charity shops have popped up to replace ailing retailers all over the country and  many people feel it brings down the cache


It's that time of the season when I start to tire of summer dresses and start to crave real clothes.

I adore Marbella but there is really very little to buy which is not high street, tacky or exorbitantly priced items sold from a beach club or hotel. 


Over the years, on the blog, I have written about countless fake tan products.

The older I get the less I like to go in the sun and yet I realize more and more how much better I look when I have a bit of colour.

TAN-LUXE has been my saviour this