God help us….it’s bikini time again

Yes, after hibernating, Easter is almost upon us again and soon I know I have to don a bikini.  As a result, I have upped my exercise – I love spin and yoga and I find if I can fit in 3 sessions a week it makes all the difference.  My arms firm up, my bum lifts a bit and my legs tighten.  My tummy is not my really my strength but I buy the right swimwear and I can camouflage this.  I would love to do more exercise but I just don’t have the time.  However, when I am away I do try and exercise most days. Check out the Wear What I Wear section of the blog, for some great swimwear tips.

I have recently been body brushing, really boring, but it does actually work and I’ve been lathering on Clarins  Moisture Rich  Body Lotion.  You can pick it up on Amazon for £25.  I have also used Cloud 9 on the back of my thighs to try and improve the skin texture.

Cloud 9 celulite

The best facial scrub I have found is Agera Mircoderma System.  It is super cheap at £27 and I bought mine from Effortless Skin.  It really is as good as having it done professionally. Stock up on Biafine in case of sun burn .

Agera Mircodermal system

Then, pop a few drops of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster into your moisturiser (it is so natural, you just look sun-kissed).  Don’t forget to use Vitamin C on your face as it protects your face from the sun from the inside and works with your sunblock.  Nothing beats Flavio C forte and Heliocare sunblock – it comes in a mouse and you can get options with added tinted moisturiser too.

Flavio C forte

I am using By Terry Tea to Tan on my body.  It smells of  green tea and gives a really natural look.  When I’m away I do want a darker look and I use the Solmitt to apply Vanti T velocity tan.



I am thinking of having my thread veins removed but until then I use Perfect Legs by This Works to camouflage.


Have a look at my interview with Hannah to get a better insight into some of these products! Check out the baby mobile background noise, we are nothing but real!!

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Anne Marie


  1. Thanks for the tips – I’ve ordered the spf and vit c serum so fingers crossed for results! Your links take you to another article on your blog – not the shop.

    • Thanks Tricia, please let me know how you get on and any questions I can pass on to the dermatologists

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