Ghost – the spirit of Tanya Sarne and the dresses for girls who struggle with dressing up!

Ghost, the fashion brand, brings back some great memories for many of us.

I remember buying my bridesmaid dresses in the Notting Hill branch.  I just loved the fact that there was a shape for everyone, from a size 18 to a size 6, and the dresses made everyone feel great about themselves.  It all went a bit  wrong when the founder and genius behind the brand, Tanya Sarne left.  I adored the concept of different designers coming in to design, but under her direction.  The fabrics used in those days were what elevated the brand, as well as the cuts, which worked with curves and waifs alike.

For me, old school Ghost, epitomises what I always crave in a dress.  You never felt too dressed up and I always felt like myself.  With a lot of other dresses I often feel like I need to get home and put my joggers on.  The other upside was that they also looked great with a denim jacket and a pair of flats so you actually didn’t have to keep them for a special occasion.


Now owned by Hawes and Curtis the dresses are currently all over Instagram, as the brand has hit the sweet point from a price perspective, and the finish and styles are what women want.  Though I love them on others, I prefer the original dresses, I cannot help feeling like a teaching assistant in a tea dress, I am just too tall and my hips are too wide.


Their bridesmaid /occasion dresses are phenomenal and such good value, and they do embody the old school glamour.  You can even have a dress dyed to order.CWSG-0057

The good news is that they are selling a lot of the prior seasons dresses on-line and in store so if you are quick you can pick up a bit of clothing history. I would size up if you have hips and any tummy at all! Don’t forget Ebay also have loads of the prior season dresses.

Ghost Archive

Ghost Archive

Ghost Archive

Ghost Archive

Ghost Archive

Ghost Archive

I know that I will continue to waft around in my old school ghost dress for many years to come.  Ghost also has a Hatfield outlet store that is worth visiting.  I bought the dress I am wearing for £70 from the current sale on in store in the Kings Road Branch ( really is worth visiting when in London) and all the others featured above are all from the store sale and priced at £7o to £90.


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