Dove what Londons Leading Dermatologists Recommend

My son has had a recurring chronic skincare condition and after two years of getting no where, we were lucky to see one of the UK’s leading paediatric dermatologists who quickly diagnosed him. It is called  Keratosis Pilaris, it effects up to one in three people. It manifests itself with bumpy skin that that in my sons case drove him to itch so badly that his skin was covered in lesions.

I was flabbergasted when the doctor didn’t recommend any  medical cream and to be honest I was sceptical. A month in his skin is almost healed and I have started using it myself.

Dove Skincare

I use the  Purely Pampering  shower gel and Dermaspa body cream  my skin is velvety and I don’t have that dreaded flaking.  Best of all it only costs from £2. Archie uses the Deeply Nourishing range.


Dove Spa

Wishing you all a great week, we have rebooked to fly to Dublin tomorrow and I will be posting loads of tips on where to eat, drink and shop! Sweater is old Saint Laurent from Ebay .

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Anne Marie


  1. Hi
    this is a very common problem – i’ve had it forever. Does not cause me any pain but not very sightly when in swimwear as it affects the back of my thighs. Thought I’d just have to don a wrap and not let it bother me. Then along came, AMELIORATE. They started with just a lotion, but now there are several products in the range. AMELIORATE is simply amazing. Within a couple weeks use I had silky smooth skin, like I had never had before. AMELIORATE is available at Space NK, Victoria Health and many other retailers. Changed my life! Hope Archie has a similar response.

    • Hi Debbie any other tips on this as still a couple of spots much better than it was though

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