Can you wear a bikini over 40 ? ‘Hell Yeah’ try Cocobay

It is that time of year where we can no longer hide behind leggings and  oversized sweaters, the summer is almost upon us.

I have been so busy of late, that my usual exercise  routine has suffered and I am not at my fighting weight, there is some wobble!

I have decided that life is too short and I am not going to beat myself up about a couple of pounds. It is boring to everyone to hear people banging on about their weight.

The key is to choose the right swimwear, I still prefer a bikini but it is all about been held in and feeling comfortable.

The Seafolly Goddess Bikini is the best one on the market and I have been wearing them for years.

I use Cocobay for all my swimwear as they stock the best selection of practical, stylish pieces. I have over the years ordered all the various colours of the Goddess Bikini and it is my favourite , Cocobay offer free returns and exchanges and are super easy to deal with.


2015-03-25 16.11.20-1

2015-03-25 16.11.22


2015-03-25 16.11.28

I just love these silk sets  from Yolke  the bright colours are great summer and I love that you can layer them over a bikini and then still look great at lunch or throw on a pair of heels with them in the evening.


2015-03-25 16.10.50-1

I have long been a fan of Cocobay they stock the best bikinis and swimsuits that work, they hold you in, wash really well and are super comfortable. I love that you can order the tops and bottoms separately, so you get the exact fit that suits you.

I have worn lots of Melissa Obadash and Heidi Klein in the past but they cannot compete in my opinion from a quality perspective with the brands stocked by Cocobay.


2015-03-25 16.12.54

My favourite brand is Seafolly,  I love that the pants are cut to cover any tummy wobble and that the tops are padded so that you get a really great line. I have ordered this new Seafolly colour block bikini for Summer 2015,it comes in navy too.

I love that Cocobay stock bikini’s in different top and bottom combinations, so you can find the fit be it brief, string or boyfriend that suits your body shape. You can also mix and match, so I have ordered two bottoms options to go with this bikini top.

2015-03-25 16.12.44-2


In really it is also about how to cover up. Unless you are a model or under twenty five bending over drying off a toddler is a hard look to pull off.

I have as I mentioned in a previous post abandoned kaffans as I think over forty they are ageing, though I can recommend  Taska Resort, if you are a fan of kaftans, the price and quality are next to none.

For me it is all about the oversized shirt.

2015-03-25 16.12.50


2015-03-25 16.12.46

They are so much more practical as you can throw one on without having to wrestle it over your head and I love the fact I can leave it unbutton when I walk and still get a colour on my tummy.

Life is for living and now heading to 45 I have accepted who I am and intend to enjoy that meal and glass of wine, exercise when I can and wear a bikini as long as I can!

I want to thank Deborah for letting me use her gorgeous home and there is a lot to be said for subtle underground lighting when wearing a bikini!

This is not a sponsored post but Cocobay  have been kind enough to offer all my readers a discount of 15% of any orders using the code SCHOOLGATES15.

Let me know if you do order anything and what you think of Cocobay! I was hoping to have some shots outside in Spain but we have had rain and wind all week!! I will be posting on Swimsuits next week .





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Anne Marie


  1. You look fantastic in a bikinI and would not think you are 45 at all.
    I love that orange bikini it’s amazing.
    I will be checking out cocobay soon especially if there is a 15% discount
    Thanks Rach x

  2. You look very good on bikini! I hope I will look the same when I’ll turn 40. Be proud of yourself.

    • Thanks so much after two weeks of Rose not feeling the best now!!

  3. Seafolly do a beautiful full piece this summer, we have had it already being in Aus, but under the Seafolly Block Party, the ‘Block Party High Neck Maillot’ is an absolute stunner! The cross back is a stunning design, I purchased both in white and indigo. The zip front also holds everything in place and can be slightly zipped down for a subtle relaxed look. Gorgeous full pieces and I’m a Poko Pano brand bikini all the way but these are the only two full pieces I own and looked HOT in. Im also nearly 40 so for an older woman they are super flattering. Enjoy! XX

    • Thanks Kylie for your tips going to checkout those pieces

  4. Just a newbie stumbled to your blog, be proud you look great! Must say some beautiful stylish biks, wonderful selection, my fav cocobay, caroline randell have interesting collection Manuel Canovas Amber Birdy Aq Swms interest fit, model in that with the other range really would suit you! xx Rosa

  5. Hi Anne Marie,
    Glad to have found your blog – and you look fabulous! I have just ordered from Coco Bay for me and my two daughters. We live overseas, so the products will be sent by a friend via DHL, in time for our holiday to Turkey in June.
    I ordered myself a Seafolly Goddess Twist Bandeau swimsuit in Indigo, amongst other
    things. I am at least ten years older than you, and not so keen on wearing a bikini although I have a beautiful one from last year’s collection….

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments and after three weeks living in my seafolly bikinis, I can say they are really comfortable and wash so well. Really appreciate your feedback !

  6. I am a stockist of Seafolly in my resort boutique in the Algarve & am delighted you love the brand. Goddess bikinis are the best for women. We also sell Amenapih very well – check it out .

    • Hi Lynda,
      agree love those bikinis and will check out Amenapih
      thanks for reading

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