Bruno Acampora – my signature perfume

I have been trying to find a signature perfume for ages.

I adore those perfumes that last, but a lot of the time they are too overpowering, or just become  too common.

Over the years I have tried so many and typically I have a few on the go, but never really committing to one.  I am always curious to see if there is something better out there.

Bruno Acampora was a fabulous Italian fashion insider and started creating perfumes over 40 years ago.  I was introduced to the brand at a Pop Up and it stopped me in my tracks.

Bruno Acampora

Bruno Acampora

It is not quite like anything I have ever used before in that there is a real depth to the perfume, it is very primeval, grown up and sensuous.  All the fragrances have very earthy tones and are super long lasting and sophisticated.

Bruno Acampora

Bruno Acampora

You can choose from so many options and in pure essence or spray formats.

Bruno Acampora

Bruno Acampora

I have been using the Musk Gold and I have had so many people stop and ask me about the fragrance.


You can buy the perfume direct from their UK site and they also sell samples too.  However, if you are in or near Dulwich, check the brand out at Roullier White.  With Valentines Day coming up this would make a truly special gift.




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