The Boyfriend Cashmere – if you only buy one thing this month let it be this

I get asked about the hardest working piece in my wardrobe and it has to be a navy mens cashmere jumper.  It just goes with everything and there is not a week that goes by that I don’t throw it on.

If you have boobs then a v-neck is probably more flattering and go for a less oversized version if petite.

Vintage Cashmere

Vintage Cashmere


Quality is something that I will not compromise on as I want the softest cashmere and a slouchy fit but not too oversized.  I often use my boyfriend sweater instead of a jacket or coat, as  it works brilliantly over complicated one shoulder or pouf sleeve tops where you can struggle to get a jacket to fit.

The holy grail is Raey or Equipment Sloane – they are expensive but the shape is perfect.  You can find them preloved on Ebay and The Real Real. 



I found mine preloved on Ebay.  You just have to keep looking, I have found the following and are worth checking out at Vestiaire.  Another place to look is at the mens department of places like H&M.  Look for brands like Ralph Lauren and Marks and Spencer.  I love this one from J. Crew which you can find on Ebay.

vintage cashmere

Vintage Cashmere

Ebay also have loads of Zara cashmere which is where the navy sweater I am wearing is from.  I have added the link here. 

The Perfect White Jeans


You have to be quick but the Uniqlo ones are also brilliant but will sell out fast.  They have a few on sale at the moment.  Sorry about the slowness of the blog posts, move is imminent but am updating Shop Instagram daily and Wear What I Wear…



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