Borrowing from the boys…

Checking the men’s section was a tip from one of most stylish friends Noreen Goodwin.  I interviewed her a couple of years ago and she wore the more fabulous ELVIS sweater which she had picked up from the men’s section at a Sample Sale. I have been tracking down a similar one for ages and am yet to find one.

Noreen Goodwin

Noreen Goodwin

I had previously struggled to find longer length but not oversized sweaters to wear over leggings and in particular my gym wear.  A lot of the women’s sweaters were too oversized and I wanted something more fitted yet with it getting so cold I wanted it a bit longer in the body.

CWSG AbbeyRoad-0030

I found two at the weekend in H&M and I have worn them non stop; the sweatshirt below cost me £17 and I bought size medium. 

CWSG AbbeyRoad-0025

H&M Sweatshirt

H&M Sweatshirt

CWSG AbbeyRoad-0023

I couldn’t find anything similar in the ladies section so it is always worth having a look and the other big plus is that you won’t run into too many people in the same piece!  Sizing is less oversized, as men traditionally prefer a more classic fitted shape.

Check out some of the pieces I have found below – but my tip is just to have a wander around the men’s section and see what you can find!




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