Back on the School Run, the Perfect Puffer Jacket

It’s Monday morning and I am back on the school run, with two children, in completely different ends of the city, mine takes me, up to 2 hours a day, if I have to collect and drop both. I am not complaining, as we are blessed that they both love school and I know I am lucky to be able to work from home and drop them myself.

I get up at six and there is no time to think about outfits, a great coat or jacket hides everything. In the last years, it has all been about the parka, the puffer jacket, is taking over this year, in my wardrobe.

Puffer Jackets 2016

You don’t have to spend a lot, they are everywhere. Don’t be afraid of looking like a  Michelin Man look, just choose the right fit. This jacket above, works as it is buttoned on the side and is cut a bit longer.

It also wipes clean and the colour is a gorgeous shade of lilac.

The Perfect Puffer Jacket Topshop

This one from Topshop is super flattering on, the longer line and the side fastening, are really slimming.  I wasn’t sure about the satin finish or the colour but I think as I normally wear it, over all black gym wear, I can get away with it.

It is like wearing a comfort blanket or taking your duvet on the School Run. The light reflected from the jacket,  is a lot less draining than wearing all black.

The Puffer Jacket for Autumn 2016

You can still get this jacket at Topshop and for other easy to wear options, check out Uterque, Mango , ASOS or Balenciaga and Zara.

The Best Puffer Jackets

Wishing you all a great week !

Anne Marie








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